Terror attack kills 14 in Marrakesh, Morocco

Violence is spreading throughout the Magreb.
I know the town of Marrakesh very well.
A few hours ago a devastating explosion ripped through an establishment popular among locals and tourists killing 14 people .
Many foreigners, including Virgin Boss Richard Branson own properties in this beautiful city.
This attack will have severe consequences for tourism in Morocco.
Real estate prices will collapse as foreign home owners and investors will leave the country for good.

R. de Haan

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  1. Ligneus says:

    Musta bin Muslims.

    • R. de Haan says:

      Yeah, two suicide bombers blew themselves up among the visitors of a roof terrace.
      The Moroccan security services, the police and the military are one of the best trained outside Europe. They did a perfect forensic job after the 2003 Casablanca bombings. They found the origin of the explosives and tracked down and arrested the people (all from Moroccan decent) behind the attacks although some escaped to Europe. But there was an overkill. In total the Moroccan authorities arrested over 3000 people, many of them entirely innocent.

      Because Morocco has a very tight border control I think once again Moroccans are involved in this attack.

      To be honest, despite the tight security measures I am really surprised about the relative long period between Casablanca and today’s attacks.

      For the foreigners living in Morocco and locals the coming months will be hell because they will put up road blocks all over the place and check people over and over.
      Expect a similar response from the Moroccan authorities.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    And this is today’s news alert.

    US is assessing continued financial aid to Palestinians in view of Fatah-Hamas unity pact • Obama presents reshuffled national security team subject to congressional confirmation: • CIA chief Leon Panetta succeeds Robert Gates as US defense secretary • Gen. David Petraeus replaces him as CIA director • Veteran diplomat Ryan Crocker is named US ambassador to Afghanistan after heading embassies in Baghdad and Islamabad • Lt. Gen John Allen succeeds Petraeus as US-led international force in Afghanistan • This is Obama’s biggest security team shakeup since taking office • US president travels Friday to Alabama one of six states hit by calamitous tornadoes • At least 280 dead, more than two-thirds in Alabama. Devastation extreme and widespread • A suicide bomber blew up a café on Marrakech main square killing 11 tourists, 4 Moroccans • Barak: Israel will not engage murderous Hamas unless it dismantles terror and rocket infrastructure, recognizes Israel and opts for peace • Iranian FM Ali Akbar Salehi welcomed Palestinian unity accord as “a blessed positive move” • A-Zahar: United Palestinian government will not recognize or negotiate with Israel • White House objects to Abbas’ faction’s accord with terrorist organization which attacks civilians • Foreign office withdraws Syrian ambassador’s invitation to the royal wedding Friday after a loud outcry •

    Apart from Obama’s security shuffle, the tornado disaster in the US and the terror attack in Marrakech, the big news of today is that the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are on ice for a very long time now as Hamas rejoined the Palestinian Government.

    I really hope the US will stop any financial support to the palestinian authority.

    In Iran a power struggle has developed between the regime and it’s opposition.
    This could be the most interesting development of the coming week.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    We should also forget about the totally idiotic claim that peace between Israel and Palestine will stop the violence in the Arab world.

    Arabs are killing Arabs and they will continue to do so with or without an Israeli Palestinian peace agreement.

    It’s time to focus on Iran.

  4. R. de Haan says:

    Netanyahu: Hamas-Fatah unity pact is a victory for terrorism

    How right he is.

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