Governmental Irony

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4 Responses to Governmental Irony

  1. Bob says:

    49 percent of food stamp recipients are white, 26 percent are African American, and 20 percent are Hispanic. None of them are bears.

  2. Tim Murphy says:

    I’ve seen the bear video. It’s hysterical.

  3. Phil in Englewood says:

    The bear looks pretty serious. I don’t think I would deny him his food stamps picnic basket. I feel more virtuous already…

    “None of them are bears.”
    Yet. Bob has a good point – Ursine-Americans are suffering from exclusion and discrimination, evidently because they are black and brown. They are struggling to put food on the picnic table and obviously need government help. And, imagine how many jobs could be created by creating the Ursine-American Supplemental Alimentation Administration. Win-win!

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