The exceptional views of Oliver K. Manuel, Professor of Nuclear Chemistry

I took this posting from Musings from the Chiefio blog from E. M. Smith because I think it’s a good thing to share his views which I regard as a wake up call.

Oliver K. Manuel, Professor of Nuclear Chemistry

University of Missouri-Rolla

I am extremely frustrated about the Climate Change Doctrine: I saw this disaster coming for decades (since the early 1970′s) and didn’t recognize what was happening until the Climategate emails and documents were released in November 2009.

Through my research advisor, P. K. Kuroda, I can now trace our demise back in time to secret, fear-driven agreements made between Kissinger, Zhou En-Lai, Chairman Mao, Brezhnev and Nixon in 1971: Self-centered fears of nuclear annihilation because:
_a.) Hiroshima was evaporated on 6 Aug 1945, and
_b.) The Cuban Missile crisis in late Oct 1962:

Even before those secret agreements were made, leaders of the US scientific community blocked normal channels of publication for information on the nuclear forces in bombs and reactors that create and destroy chemical elements [P. K. Kuroda, “On the nuclear physical stability of the uranium minerals,” Journal of Chemical Physics 25, 781 (1956); “On the infinite multiplication constant and the age of the uranium minerals,” Journal of Chemical Physics 25, 1256 (1956); "The Oklo phenomenon," Naturwissenschaften 70, 536-539 (1983)]. or

I am driven, perhaps by a deep sense of guilt, to solve this problem before departing life:
1. From childhood I was as self-centered and arrogant as any of the politicians and scientists that sold our country “down the drain” for personal gain.
2. Probably Professor Kuroda picked me to be his student in 1960 and carry the message because he knew I would not be easily “shut up.”
3. Deep insecurities drove me to succeed, as they do many “successful” personalities, until about 1996 when I realized that I am totally powerless over everything controlled by cause-and-effect. That allowed me to grasp the great benevolent reality outside my ego cage.

These four documents summarize our demise and the benevolent reality that surrounds and sustains us as natural parts of this great dynamic, evolving universe:
1. “Deep historical roots of the global climate scandal” (needs update)

2. “Is the universe expanding?” J. Cosmology 13, 4187-4190 (2011).

3. “Origin and Evolution of Life Constraints on the Solar Model”,
J. Modern Physics 2, 587‐594 (2011)

4. “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron J., in press (2012)

The idea of a pulsar core and an iron-rich solar interior were independently arrived at by astrophysicists/astronomers that I had not met:

Peter Toth, “Is the Sun a pulsar?” Nature 270 (1977) 159-160.

Carl A. Rouse, “Evidence for a small, high-Z, iron-like solar core,” Astronomy and Astrophysics 149 (1985) 65-72.…149…65R

End of posting.

You can visit the website of Professor Manuel here.

And he is delighted to answer any questions you have about the articles and publications linked to this posting.

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15 Responses to The exceptional views of Oliver K. Manuel, Professor of Nuclear Chemistry

  1. Nolo Contendere says:

    Was there some actual point being made by the professor?

    • R. de Haan says:

      If you read all his papers I think he has made quite a lot of points actuall.

      First of all he launched a new theory about our sun being a remnant of a super nova with an iron core.

      This is quite a significant theory because it rejects the “stable sun, not a climate driver” hydrogen sun, called “The Bilderberg Sun” with far reaching consequences.
      He concludes that our sun is one big nuclear reactor, everything but stable.

      This theory has significant consequences for:

      The big bang theory which he rejects

      The origin of life, comets and meteorites.

      The nature of nuclear processes and power.

      All together a hell of a achievement and his findings only recently have been confirmed and accepted by the scientific community.

      Parallel to his scientific work he has disclosed the origin of the political fear doctrine that brought us the climate change doctrine and the Global Governance Agenda.

      • Nolo Contendere says:

        Thanks for the summary. I admit I didn’t read the papers due to the distinct whiff of gibberish in the parts you quoted. If I can find the time I may read more, but on the surface it seems like he’s working on a Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory.

  2. sz says:

    is the point none other than his being driven to solve the formation of secret agreements that do nothing positive for humanity?

    • R. de Haan says:

      I think he has two motives.
      The first one is about his scientific work.
      The second one is to break the scare doctrine based on incorrect scientific information to achieve Global Governance.

      This man is had seen his work rejected and suppressed for decades.
      Only recently he connected the dots and found out why. That moment came when the CRU ClimateGate e-mails were released.

      That’s when he decided to re-launch his fight for recognition of his scientific accomplishments, published some books and decided to uncover the scare policies we have been subjected to.

      What worked in his favor time. Only recently several scientific papers that confirmed his findings were released to the public domain after being locked up behind closed door for 40 years.

      Well. it’s all in the papers and the links attached.
      Quite a read though and not always easy.

      That’s why he has offered to answer any questions if you have any.

      • Nolo Contendere says:

        I would guess that the professor has had some psychiatric issues at some point as indicated by the links on his home page to an action group and non-medical therapy. Or maybe that’s just part of his overall everything’s a conspiracy outlook. Which isn’t to say he might not actually have some points amidst his rather grand conclusions.

  3. R. de Haan says:


  4. katesisco says:

    Back to the iron sun which O Manuel says is layered, that is after all his main claim. Did not Chandra just prove that? With the latest pics of Cass A with its insides –still layered–blown out like it literally gave birth to the neutron that was created from the iron core?

  5. Pravin says:

    A friend of mine is a TA for one of those clessas that engineers are required to take outside of engineering. After the last assignment was graded, at least 15 students came to her complaining about their grades. She looked over their assignments and asked them if they had been to class or read the course material. And here’s the kickers: Five answered no! (She remarked that she had been too genenerous by giving any of them part marks)

  6. jim hardy says:

    Dr Manuel was my freshman chemistry professor back in 1964.

    He was brilliant and practical, a natural explainer like Asimov.
    He would take time to help any student understand any question.
    Abuse is completely out of character with my memory of him.

    jim hardy

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