Rather than a landslide….

…..it will be a tsunami. Everywhere you look Obama is in trouble and usually as a direct result of his policies and his rhetoric. Can you imagine a more stupid and unnecessary policy than his attack on the Catholic Church? I guess it didn’t occur to him that the Catholics would fight back.

Then there is his ‘War on Coal’. Didn’t he have an inkling that this would be bad for his re-election and maybe his ideological self should leave it for a second term to implement?

As coal use drops, job losses rise and electricity prices skyrocket, an electoral map of the 16 top coal-mining states does not bode well for an administration whose energy policy consists of algae and exploding electric cars.

If like me you put all these boneheaded policies down to the stupidity of Obama you’d be partially right. For the whole story see at The Daily Caller, Who is Valerie Jarrett? It will answer a lot of questions.

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    • Brian says:

      The idea that Barry ran some sort of perfect, or even competent, campaign in 2008 is a bizarre myth that can’t be held by anyone who actually lived through that ridiculous campaign year (which apparently excludes most media commentators, whose laughable tut-tutting over “civility” and “respect for the presidency” indicate that they were comatose from January 2001 until January 2009). It was nothing but a string of pratfalls and missteps held together by the pack of jackals and hyenas in the MSM determined to carry him into the White House, with additional help from the similarly incompetent McCain campaign–hint, hint, there’s a reason why career legislators almost never win the presidency.

  1. sz says:

    The Valerie Jarrett article is an eye opener.
    so she is the force behind Rahm’s removal.

  2. ligneus says:

    John Hayward writes of a ‘preference cascade’.

    A large population can be dominated by a small group only by persuading all dissenters that they stand alone. Most of their fellow citizens are portrayed as loyal to the regime, and everyone around the dissident is a potential informer. A huge dissident population can therefore be suppressed, by making them believe they’re all lonely voices in the wilderness… until the day they begin realizing they are not alone, and most people don’t support the regime. The process by which dissent becomes seen as commonplace, and eventually overwhelming, is the preference cascade.

  3. ligneus says:

    Lots more on the Bumbling Obamainites and Campaign Chaos.

    And this I would say is typical of how an awful lot of people think of Ogabe.

    “Our vote is going for who is best to lead on the economy. That is Romney, for us,” said Myra as her husband nodded.

    Richard Furillo stood with his son Matthew at his son’s workplace; a lifelong Democrat, he voted for Obama in 2008 but won’t again. “I don’t know why I did it but I cannot stand any more ‘change,’” he said, referring to the president’s old campaign slogan.

    Father and son both said they attended the event to support the company.

  4. ligneus says:

    Yep, Obama is in reverse momentum, whatever that is!

    Yep, the emperor has no clothes.

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