Maybe the Fat Lady*….

didn’t sing yet.

*[I'm surprised Fat Lady isn't politically incorrect, or am I behind the times on it?]

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  1. ligneus says:

    Do NOT miss The Chief Justice’s Gambit by Sean Trende.

  2. sz says:

    very confusing. so, if it isnt a constitutionally upholdable tax, and the O admin lied to the supreme court….. is that not grounds for impeachment?

    • ligneus says:

      I would have thought so. Doesn’t it begin to appear that John Roberts has brilliantly skewered obama with this? o and co sold it as Constitutional under the Commerce Clause and insisted it wasn’t a tax. The SC has struck that down and said it is only Constitutional if it’s regarded as a tax. o is screwed either way, the SC dodges the ‘activist’ label and puts the whole mess back into Congress where it belongs and ultimately to the people. It’s now up to the good people of the USA to figure it out and deal with it.

  3. Bob says:

    First off, it’s not “a tax on the American people,” nor is it “the largest tax increase in American history.” Whether it’s called a penalty, a tax, or a fine, the mandate means, simply, that people who can afford to buy the insurance, but duck out of the obligation, get charged for dodging that responsibility. AND, it’s a small penalty, or fine, that will effect a tiny portion of Americans, not “The American People.” I suspect that the percentage of those caught avoiding paying their share will be under one percent of the population. No biggie.

    • ligneus says:

      It isn’t really the ‘size of the tax/penalty nor the number of people affected, it was sold and passed/rammed through as something it was not.

      • Bob says:

        The “point” of the debate seems to be in debate. I think the person most effected by the current debate is Romney, who appears to be confused.

        This from Fehrnstrom via the NYT: “On Monday, Eric Fehrnstrom, Mr. Romney’s senior adviser, strayed wildly from the coordinated comments of the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill and other party strategists by saying Mr. Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, agrees with Democrats that Mr. Obama’s health care mandate is not a tax.”

        If the party wants its landslide, it may do better to find a less vulnerable candidate…otherwise, drop the health care issue as a major campaign motif.

  4. ligneus says:

    From The Anchoress.

    Here is the new thing that John Roberts said:
    “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”
    Breathe deep, folks. That’s fresh air, you’re sniffing. And it might strengthen us.
    John Roberts just told America to grow up, pull up the big-boy and big-girl pants and stop looking for someone else to fix everything for them. Caterwauling “conservatives” should take a breath and think about that a little, because it is precisely what conservatives keep saying they want — less top-down, government-and-courts-driven action.
    The “liberal” folks who endorse an infantilized nation under it’s “parental” control, cannot like it.
    Roberts just did the nation a huge and brilliant favor by reining in how the increasingly feckless government — whom we have allowed to become feckless — may interpret and abuse the commerce clause. He has also literally handed back to the citizenry an unpopular piece of legislation that had been rammed into law against the wishes of the majority. Now, the unhappy citizenry can either fix this at the polls in just a few short months, or forever live with it.
    I like the notion that this decision now rests with the people, where it should have always rested, and not with the Executive Branch or the Courts.

    More at the link.

  5. ligneus says:

    John Fund [among others] disagrees with me, imagine that!

    The Flip that will Flop?.

  6. ligneus says:

    From Mark Tapscott.

    In other words, the Constitution means something today that it didn’t yesterday, at least in terms of constitutional precedent. It’s not a grand rout of liberalism from the field of battle, but the correlation of constitutional forces has now shifted under their feet in such a way that they must go over to the defensive on ground not of their choosing.

  7. Brian says:

    To hell with the Supreme Court. Victories by Mitt + 51 GOP Senators in November means Obamacare dies in January.

    Mitt’s a bum, but he’ll sign either the repeal or enough EOs to effectively repeal this monstrosity, and that’s all that matters.

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